Windows and doors preview software developed for Verdun Doors and Windows. This software can import a picture of a house facade and a sales consultant can add windows, steel doors and shutters in front of it. The consultant can than configure the grids, the exterior paint color and correctly position each corners of the element on the picture in order to offer the consumer a taste of the final result or simply to help him decide which color will give the best result!

  • C# Software
  • .NET
  • GDI+
  • XML
  • Microsoft Access®
  • WPF


  • Verdun Windows and Doors - Home Viewer logo
  • Client: Verdun Windows and Doors
  • Date: October 2017


Main user interface

Grid configuration

4 points image distortion

Move each corner individually to fit the house's perspective

Shutter color

Change shutter color and actually see the result


  • C# software with database.
  • WPF user interface.
  • 4 points distortion image manipulation.
  • Integrated products: casement, hung, slider, shutter and and steel door
  • Able to change exterior color.
  • Configure grid option.
  • French and english languages.
  • Proportional dynamic 2D product picture.