Production system for a windows and doors manufacturer. The system imports data generated by a quotation software then computes its BOM (bill of materials) according to the products properties (frame, sash, sizes, glass type, etc.) and options selected (paint color, grids configuration, etc.).

Once components list is evaluated and calculated, the system generates the required reports for the manufacturing plant (summary reports, specific components reports, purchase order to suppliers, labels printed on thermal printer Zebra, data files for machinery, etc.).

  • C# Software
  • .NET
  • Zebra thermal printer
  • GDI+
  • XML
  • SQL Server


  • Production Aluminart Architectural logo
  • Client: Aluminart Architectural
  • Date: September 2011


Many systems

Production system generate data and reports for many other systems.


  • Import quotes directly from quotes software.
  • Explode bay and bow windows in modules.
  • Explode windows in components.
  • Print reports (sommary report, paint job report, component reports, ...).
  • Print purchase orders (thermos, decorative lites, ...).
  • Generate data files to print labels (components, shipping, EnergyStar) on Zebra thermal printer.
  • Generate instructions files for steel door cutting machine (Romtech Technologies).