A quotation software created for Aluminart Architectural Inc.

  • C# Software
  • .NET
  • GDI+
  • XML
  • Access
  • Microsoft Outlook®


  • Aluminart Architectural Quotes logo
  • Client: Aluminart Architectural
  • Date: March 2006


Main user interface

User interface


  • C# software with database.
  • Products configurator able to create a product tree with as many selection level as needed.
  • Options configurator able to edit options on each product.
  • Dynamic user interface based on database content.
  • French and english languages.
  • Login with user types : Manufacturer, Dealer, Saleperson.
  • Customers management.
  • Product frame picture, exterior mouldings and exterior options.
  • Add ou remove option from entire quote or item.
  • Duplicate item.
  • Real time pricing based on user input.
  • Discount and profit assigned by product.
  • Proportional dynamic 2D product picture.
  • Software comes with a help file (.chm) and an instruction manual.
  • Override items or quotation price.
  • Much more quotation software features.