Cogitrix is a company founded in 2004 by two graduated students from École Polytechnique [ www.polymtl.ca ] of Montreal. For several years, these young entrepreneurs had the idea to start their own company in order to do their passion, software development.


The company specializes in custom software development to meet companies needs.


To use and look further into learned knowledge in software engineering, to ceate softwares with an innovating approach. First, while perfectly meeting the customer requirements by creating custom softwares in various application fields. Then, to develop and communicate our own ideas.

We know that a great part of the investment in software is on maintenance after deployment. This is why we develop softwares able to adapt to new requirements and to evolve gradually without the need to redo system design again and thus, reducing additional costs.

To develop softwares by using a defined development process which will be able to ensure a development without concerns and to allow post-deployment maintenance at a minimal cost. We provide tools so that our customers are able to update their system by themselves.

C#.NET language

We chose the programming language C# provided with .NET framework. It provides an easy way to create user interface like Visual Basic and a strongly object oriented like Java and C++. A language of predilection to create great software quickly.

Working process

A well defined working process is a project key to success.

Software development process

We use a software engineering development process. To complete a long term project, we get through phases in an iterative way:

  • Customer needs
  • Requirements
  • Analysis and design
  • Implementation
  • Test
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance


Once a custom software project reaches end, the customer is not left alone. A well documented project will make system modification easier.


Throughout system development, we inform customer of project progress. The customer know which part is completed, what is planned to be done as well as completed objectives.